The First Proper Post!

Welcome to the first proper post of the blog.

First of all, we have all watched the amazing WOTLK opening cinematic. If there is one thing that I am most excited about, it has to be this and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed! The annoying thing is I don’t have an Xbox 360 to play The Force Unleashed. I have been waiting for ages to get it, about 3/4 of a year. My dad gave me a challenge to get it, but if I fail that then I have to wait until Christmas, which is gay.

Anyway, here is the new opening cinematic:

If any of you do not play World of Warcraft, go and join the online sensation!!

Now in films, Tropic Thunder. I have been waiting for this film to come out in the UK for ages. Its release date is the 19th September. It’s too long too wait (you may have noticed that I am a very impatient person). I have read the reviews and all of them say that it is a great comedy. All of them have around 8 to 9 stars out of 10 on IMDB. I will definitely be going to see that.

Now, we have all heard about it, the Blue Screen of Death at the Olympic games in China :D!

I bet Bill Gates was embarrassed. He better improve his computers and the rubbish new version of Windows called Vista. It was just terrible!

Thats all for this week, until next time, good bye.


About me…

Hi, this is my blog called Mr Blob, random name but it covers all of the latest from video games to books. Reviews, news and random/funny stories from each week. A new post every week to keep the blog fresh.

Now to talking about me, well, I am into my music especially rock and metal. I play World of Warcraft which is a very good game! In my free time I skateboard and play golf. I love watching movies and playing video games on the Wii, PC and hopefully soon an Xbox 360. Thats about me, so next week prepare for a beginning of an era!

Until next week, good bye!

PS: A quick shout out to the Instance and Extra Life podcasts, go check them out and join the conversation on the forums!

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